Sponsor by the Union Beach PTA

Since September 2009, Union Beach PTA has collected 3,220 BOX TOPS which has earned $322.00 for Union Beach Children.  Each BOX TOP earns 10 cents, and the maximum earn out allowed in one year is $20,000 and we would like to ask you to help us reach this $20,000 goal.

We are reaching out to all 6,400 residents of Union Beach, their friends, relatives, co-workers to CHALLENGE all of US starting February 2010 to begin saving BOX TOPS.

BOX TOPS are everywhere and little effort is required to cut BOX TOPS.  BOX TOPS are on hundreds of commonly used products from 82 different cereals, 45 snack items, 24 baking items, 12 childcare, 17 paper products, 22 storage and waste bags, 25 school supplies, 14 tableware and more.  For a list of products you can visit this website ( or simply look at your products before placing them in the trash. All that is required is to cut the BOX TOP coupon and drop them off at Memorial School, Town Hall, or Library Recycling Center.  Pease cut BOX TOPS as close to dotted line since any BOX TOPS not properly cut will be voided from reimbursement.

One BOX TOP seems like nothing, but if WE COLLECTIVELY give (1) or (2) BOX TOPS each week, WE as a community could raise $1,200 per week.  This will only work if we all pitch in TOGETHER.  I am asking everyone to help take on this challenge to raise funds for our children.  Log on to to see some community success stories.  One example: A small community in foothills of Kentucky with only 250 students rises each year the maximum earn out of $20,000 for their school.  Help us raise funds for our children and put Union Beach on the Map!

All funds raised from BOX TOPS will go to help our community children enjoy field day activities, family fun nights, grandparents’ day, pumpkin patch day, science fair, assemblies, honor roll breakfast, school planners for each student, education equipment, and a host of other activities which the school budget simply can not provide for.

Beginning February, Memorial School will institute a BOX TOP RACE amongst all grades to compete in raising BOX TOPS. Each classroom will race to see who can bring in the most BOX TOPS before the end of their school year. Each BOX TOP collectively will add to our $20,000 goal so we are asking and hoping you will join our children to see how far as a community we can go from earning $322 to raising $20,000 in “free money”. Please look for this label:


** Union Beach PTA will keep everyone updated and post your efforts each month to see how we are doing.

Please remember, in addition to BOX TOPS, our school earns money for the follow products:

  • Campbell Soup Labels Earns reward points for each UPC label

  • Nabisco cookie wrappers - Chips Ahoy, Nutter butter, Oreo’s, Fig Newton (large size or small wrappers)

  • Capri Sun Juice Boxes  Earns 2 cents for each box or juice pouches




Walt Disney once said, All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

This will work if we COLLECTIVELY join hands