Code Enforcement _________________________________________________________________________

 Office of Code Enforcement                             Located in the Adult School, office hours are 

 1205 Florence Ave.                                            Monday through Friday    9am to 4:30pm

 Union Beach, NJ. 07735                                    Phone 732-526-8686    Fax 732-217-1289 _________________________________________________________________________________________

 Code Enforcement Officer:  Robert Parsells           E-Mail Address    

 Code Enforcement Secretary:   Lee Harriott         E-Mail Address


   The Office of Code Enforcement is charged with enforcing all Ordinances within the

  Borough of Union Beach and has the responsibility of ensuring that all Local, County and

  State Ordinances and Regulations are observed and adhered to. This would include, but 

  is not limited to, questions and complaints regarding Signs, Dwellings and Property

  Maintainance, Tenant/Landlord and Commercial Registrations, Change of Titles,

  Certificates of Occupancies, etc. Please see the links below regarding the Forms, Rules

  and Regulations needed to be in compliance with the Ordinances enacted by the

  Governing Body of the Borough of Union Beach and all County and State Applicable Laws.  _________________________________________________________________________________________

 Tenant / Landlord Registration Form         Certificate of Occupancy Application

 Residential/Commercial Registration Price List         Certificate of Occupancy Inspection List

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